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Unfortunately exactly the outcome that was of most concern has occurred!

Parks Vic has been named manager of the HFR corridor.

It was the problematic and rather short sighted Council resolution that is the reason this has come to pass.

This was a wonderful opportunity that the Whitehorse communities’ advocacy made possible and now we have been let down by the recent Council resolution on the HFR.

It is surprising that Council staff and Councillors were not aware that the approach taken in the resolution passed on the 28th June was never going to be possible and thanks to it Parks Victoria, was almost certainly going to be named Committee of Management for the HFR corridor.

It is so disappointing that 11years of hard work by the community has been undermined due to poor decision making by our local government decision makers.

As a result of which, we the community will be left with a weedy, poorly managed and maintained park for generations.

Koomba park, Shepherd’s Bush, Norton’s park are all nearby parks managed by Parks Vic, they are very weedy as Parks Vic do not have the manpower or resources to manage urban parks.

This was the reason we wanted Council to take on the management of the park, so the park could be appropriately cared for to community expectations and its biodiversity enhanced.

There may be an opportunity in the future for Council to take on the maintenence of the corridor, once Parks Victoria have rolled out the park, please ask Councillors to step up and do the right thing for the maintenance  and best long term outcome for the community. 

Convey your views and expectation to Council by writing to the Mayor Cr. Andrew Munroe  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and CEO Simon McMillan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  also ask for your email to be circulated to all Whitehorse Councillors.