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Below is an assessment card that has been designed to assist participants ascertain which of the key issues each Option provides for at the workshops.

Please note that you do not have to choose one option just as it is presented. Feel free to evaluate each option and make suggestions that you think will make it more in line with community expectations.

A printable version is attached for you to take along to the meeting.

Thank you for all the good work and amazing support each and every one of you and so many others have shown to this issue, together we can get a good long lasting outcome for the community.


Community Assessment Card for the Development of the Healesville Freeway Reserve


VicRoads will be releasing three options for the development of the Healesville Freeway Reserve.

The community has insisted on the need to maximize open space in any future development of the reserve.

Nadrasca Farm, Davy Lane Reserve and the existing Bellbird Dell Bushland Park have been secured - largely by community action.

Which of the VicRoads options include the following reserve components as demanded by the community and not yet secured?

 (Please tick the boxes):

                                                                               Option 1   Option 2    Option 3

East-West Extension of Bellbird Dell                                   

(More park land to provide for increased population density in the future.

Extending from the Nadrasca farm to Terrara Road.)

Cycling, Pedestrian & Biolink                                             

(From Springvale Road to Boronia Road)

Preserving Remnant Vegetation                                           

(On Stanley Road reserve & behind the Horticultural Centre)

Vermont Secondary College                                              

(The college requires the reserve land abutting their boundary to enable expansion of their capacity to serve the educational needs of the community.)

The Nethercote Property                                                

(This Heritage listed property was formerly hired out for community events but is badly in need of repair.

The site is currently used for equestrian training in conjunction with Box Hill Institute that is keen to continue vocational programs on the land.)

18th Hole of the Morack Golf Course