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Community workshops - pdfDownload VicRoads report.897.43 KB

It is concerning to note that there is no report for the Deliberative forum, which was a key consultation forum, to get the views of the broader community, living close to and far away from the site. VicRoads went to great lengths and at taxpayer expense, ran that forum, however even 7 months later, have not  yet put out a report on it. Instead they refer any enquiries to 'The Way Forward' document, which in their own words is a document that incorporates where practical the views expressed in all the consultation activities till that time.Which is a discretionary and filtered collection of views. We believe the community is entitled to better that that. In the interest of transparency, VicRoads should make the full report on the Deliberative Forum available to the public, so they can be fully informed of  how it was run and the views expressed as the outcomes.


Gifting of the land issue - Still working on it, if anyone knows the name of the Flower farm or its owner's name please let me know, I know the name of the apple orchard owner but do not know what the orchard was called, any info on that would be great. The more precise the info we ask for the better the chance we get something meaningful out.


Nardasca Petition - docDownload the petition sheet

If you could print off a few and get as many signatures as possible that would be great. There is no end date but asap would be best.


Council brochure - pdfDownload brochure

This is the brochure that council has printed about the action they have taken so far on the HFR issue.