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Welcome to the Friends of the Healesville Freeway Reserve

The Healesville Freeway reserve between Springvale & Boronia Road is currently in a planning process for alternative use as the road will not proceed. The Community uses sections of this reserve as open space for Active and Passive Recreation. There are also several sections of endangered remnant bushland along the reserve that provide habitat for native animals.

This site aims to keep the community up to date with information regarding the consultation process and help to retain community access to the reserve following the conclusion of the consultation process. To date we have collected almost 5000 signatures (4981 if you think we should be exact) for the petition.

How can you help?

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For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  1. ALP announcement -

Daniel Andrews ALP will be making an announcement about the HFR.

When - Tuesday 25th February at 12.00pm.

Location - Davy Lane reserve.

All welcome to attend


  1. Community Action day - The Friends of the HFR are having a 'Community Action Day'.

     When -Sunday 23rd March from 10am – 2pm, with speeches from 12noon onwards.

Location – George Road end of the Bellbird Dell (Melway 62/J6)

It is an opportunity for the community to see all the HFR land use concepts at one place.

There will be Concept displays from VicRoads, Council and the Friends of the HFR

Invited speakers from – State Government, Opposition, Council, VicRoads

Come along, ask questions and give your view on what you want.

Free event, All Welcome!

pptCommunity Action day flyer



Council Concepts

On 28 January 2014, Council resolved to release its vision for the Healesville Freeway Reservation for community consultation. You can read the full details regarding the Council's vision on the Whitehorse Council Website here. Read the Council News Release.


Hard copies of the vision can be viewed at the city’s libraries or at Council’s Customer Service Centres at:

  • Whitehorse Civic Centre, 379-397 Whitehorse Road, Nunawading
  • Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
  • Level 2, Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre, Canterbury Road, Forest Hill 

Comments on the vision can be made by completing an online survey available here.


Council will also be holding a public drop-in session on Thursday 13 February 2014 from 4pm-8pm at Sportlink, 2 Hanover Road, Vermont South where Council officers will be available to discuss the project.


The community will be given an opportunity to provide feedback on the vision by:

  • Completing an online survey.
  • Completing a reply paid hard copy survey, to be returned by 19th February 2014, available from customer service centres and in the Whitehorse Leader.
  • Information can also be obtained and surveys completed at Council’s drop-in session, scheduled from 4pm – 8pm on Thursday 13th February 2014 at Sportlink, 2 Hanover Road, Vermont South (next to the Vermont South Shopping Centre)
  • Surveys can also be completed at our Ward Forum on 18th February.

Following the consultation period, the Strategic Planning Unit will analyse all submissions and report them to Council for consideration of any changes that may need to be made to Council’s Vision in light of the community feedback received.


Please note this is a proposal and can be amended based on feed back at consultation, so if you have any concerns please voice them via the online survey or the face to face session at Sportlink.


Feedback from the Friends of the HFR

To help with getting through the volume of information, the Friends of the HFR have prepared a feedback response to the council’s vision. You can view the feedback here.


Morack Ward Forum

Councillors Raylene Carr and Bill Bennett invite you to attend the first Morack Ward Residents Forum for 2014.


Community Room, Horticultural Centre, 82 Jolimont Road, Forest Hill
Tuesday, 18th February, 2014 – 7.30pm


The forum provides you with an opportunity to meet your Ward Councillors and to comment or ask questions about local community issues that are of concern to you.


Associated Documents

pdfCouncil Letter of introduction

pdfCouncil minutes 28th Jan 2014

pdfCity of Whitehorse Vision & Survey

pdfWard Forum Invitation Feb 2014

pdfFoHFR Feed Back




 pdfConcept 4 Preservation

 pdfConcept 5 'Low impact Housing'


Happy New Year to all, hope it was a good break.

We have been doing some work over the holiday period and have come up with some concepts that better reflect the views we have been hearing from the community.

Community Concepts -

Concept 4 Preservation - with no housing and the Shared path/Biolink


 Concept 5 ‘Low Impact Housing’ - with the Shared Path/Biolink and small pockets of single storey, small foot print affordable houses for first home buyers and people to down size to.

Both the concepts have been attached.


Fund Raising – Thank you to all the people who generously donated money for the cause at the Open Day. It was what enabled us to advertise the issues we were concerned about for the Community workshops. However that used up all the funds we had and so we need to fund raise again, to continue the fight till we get a good outcome for the community.

There are two ways that tax deductable donations can be made for the cause (and with both please stipulate that it is for the ‘Save the HFR campaign’):

1. Cheques can be sent to: The Blackburn & District Environment Protection Fund, PO Box 210, Blackburn VIC 3130.

2. Donations can be made on-line via The direct link to the fund is:

Donors must tick the 'Special Message' box and stipulate that their donation be used for the HFR campaign. Donors will receive a receipt by email with this method.

All donations are tax-deductible via either option.




As you know, the VicRoads’ community consultation period in relation to the recently released three “concept” plans for the Healesville Freeway Reserve (HFR) expires today.


It is very disappointing but quite expected to receive this reply from VicRoads to our letter asking for the community consultation to be extended to one month after the council response is made public.


They have waffled on about the wonderful consultation process, not responded to any of the issues we have raised and said the community consultation will close on Monday 23rd Dec at 5pm, refusing to extend the period.


Here are both communications for your information.

pdfLetter to VicRoads pdfReply from VicRoads


So this is the last chance to have your say about the three concepts that have been put forward. See the information below on how you can assist by emailing VicRoads and politicians regarding the request before 5pm today.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Read more: VicRoads refuses to extend public consultation


docxSample email


As you know, the VicRoads’ community consultation period in relation to the recently released three “concept” plans for the Healesville Freeway Reserve (HFR) expires Monday next week (23 December 2013).


On the basis that it is clearly unreasonable for VicRoads to expect any meaningful community consideration of the plans during this busy time of Xmas, we are trying to get VicRoads/the Vic Government to extend the consultation period. The full rationale for the request is set out below.


Please help us in our efforts!


All you need to do is email the sample text attached (or amend it to reflect your concerns) to the relevant decision-makers.


Please do so as soon as you can given the timing involved! Please include your name and mobile number at the bottom of the email. To avoid the recipient claiming your email is “spam”.


If you are happy to send the email, please send it to Vic Roads and Minister Mulder with a copy to the people listed below and then forward a copy of your email “as sent” to the “Friends of the Healesville Freeway Reserve” for our records. If you receive any response, please let us know.

Please do not worry if you have already responded to VicRoads regarding the Concepts, you can still email if the issues highlighted below concern you.

Thanks for your support!



Community Consultation Process
3 Options for the future use of the Healesville Freeway Reserve between Springvale Road and Boronia Road were released on the 25th November 2013.

There have been an number of problems with the process:

  • Workshops were rushed through one day after the release on the VicRoads website.
  • Council were not briefed on options before release, despite council being expected to maintain the infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure put onto Strathdon Orchard (council land) without informing Council or getting their consent.
  • Public consultation will close Dec 23rd 2013, before the council response will be available (expected after a Council Meeting in Jan 2014), so the community will not know the council position when they give their opinion.
  • Deliberative Forum Report – Not released despite repeated reference at the workshops to how important that consultation was.

The three concepts can be viewed at and are: Shared Path option, Davy Lane Concept and Community Use Concept.



The Shared Path Option meets the most community expectations  however...

  • It does not provide for the Eastern extension of the Bellbird Dell (the alpaca farm). This section is more environmentally valuable as it integrates the NADRASCA vegetation with the Dell.
  • Mature trees on Stanley road reserve not protected despite the accepted goal of protecting native vegetation.
  • 9 mt high (3 storey) dwellings to be built behind the Jolimont community gardens and council nursery. Problems with shade and loss of air flow.
  • No land allocated for Vermont Secondary College expansion, which has been at capacity since 2002. Where will the children of the new families study??
  • Traffic chaos on Morack road, already chocked during the am-pm school times.
  • 350 new dwellings in the area will severely increase the road congestion.
  • Nethercote not retained for educational, recreational and community use
  • Large Stand of Native trees from Bellara st to Terrara rd to be cut down.


If you are concerned about these issues
TAKE ACTION - Have your say before it is too late!!!


VicRoads online forum closes 23rd Dec


Email VicRoads: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

With a copy to

  • Neil Angus - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Terry Mulder(Roads Minister) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Councilor Bill Bennett - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Councilor Raylene Carr - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Council needs to know what the community is saying so please copy them in.