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The HFR corridor has been saved, the first tranche of 20 parcels was transferred to Crown last year and the second tranche of 9 parcels totaling 13.277 hectares has now transferred to Crown.

This brings the total land saved as open space for the community by transfer to crown to 34.9777 hectares

This occurred in late October but I have only found out about this now due to an oversight, better late than not.

Here is a link to the media release from Shaun Leane MP. Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region

You can get more information on the following DELWP page dedicated to the management of the reserve and community involvement in planning of the establishment of the park. This website also includes up to date maps of the land involved for the reserve.

For those interested in a more detailed map, here is a link to LASSI, zoom into the area , parcels that are crown land are denoted with a C.

It has been a long and at times hard fought campaign and I am so glad we got there in the end.

There are so many to acknowledge and thank –

  • Shaun Leane, without his support, advocacy and tireless efforts to get the commitment from Government and then follow through on it, this would not have happened.
  • The Friends of the HFR, though we are a small group of people, every one worked hard, with passion, dedication and perseverance.
  • The Community, who clearly and unequivocally gave us direction by voting so overwhelmingly to keep the corridor as open space. Whenever we had public events the community supported us by coming out in large numbers.
  • Schools, community groups all supported us generously.

This has truly been a community campaign and will be for the benefit of the community long into the future.

Thank you to all who have played a part to make this happen.

The design and roll out of the park is the next step and we hope to see  the same enthusiastic attendance at working bees and planting days to make our dream a reality.

Anne Makhijani
Friends of the Healesville Freeway